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"Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Monica Palmer is an artist who’s embarked on an extraordinary musical voyage. This highly original alternative pop artist burst onto the scene earlier this year with her debut single “Afterwards.” Now, she unveils her full creative spectrum with her debut album, the aptly titled We Are All Escaping."

Plastic mag UK

"‘We Are All Escaping’ has completely taken me out of my musical comfort zone, and I couldn’t be more grateful to this talented artist. I love every minute of this ethereal journey guided by Palmer, and I get the feeling that this album will be with me for many years to come."

Jeremy Bregman

"Boise-based artist Monica Palmer crafts an otherworldly, dream-like immersion throughout her debut album We Are All Escaping. The release, described as “highly auto-biographical,” meshes caressing, spacious soundscapes with dynamic vocal mystique — ranging from expressive lyrical pushes in the rhythmically bustling “Scars” to submerged dreaminess on the woodwind-laden “For the Ride.” Thematically exploring heartache, melancholy, and the general throes of life, We Are All Escaping proves riveting in its atmospheric and thematic constructions."

Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

"As an artist, Monica Palmer is using her expression to craft something that she loves in electronica, while having her own signature palette. You’ll hear this in unique songs like Phases of the Moon, describing a melodic spearhead that keeps you rooted to the track. An epic like Lost You Again could be made by no one but Monica, and she ensures she draws you in with the magnetic power of her music. Uniform Conditions and Mommy is Sad close out this fantastic album. Monica Palmer concretizes the belief that the drama is at the core of her songwriting. What you feel flowers from several emotions, she gauges intuitively."

Wes Banderson, Indie Music Flix

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Origin: Boise, Idaho

Genre: Electronic

We Are All Escaping is Monica's first full-length album, to be released on 9.22.2023. Her first record is an auto-biographical concept album, as many of the tracks explore pain or regret in relationships. Tracks such as "For the Ride" convey the more painful parts of relationships ending: "I never knew how easily you could rip apart everything", to feeling regret over ending a relationship too soon: "Now you're going through phases with somebody new", from "Phases of the Moon."

"When I Held You the First Time" encapsulates Monica's experience giving birth to her son, and the music is meant to convey this transcendent elation that is felt within that moment you hold your child for the first time. The final track on the album  also deals with motherhood as Monica sample's her son's voice in "Mommy is Sad". 

We Are All Escaping is an intimate yet cosmic sonic experience, wrapping you in it's ethereal, unforgettable embrace.  

Boise based artist and producer Monica Palmer immerses you in an atmospheric world of flute-heavy ethereal soundscapes, taking the listener to introspective places through her sound design. Her background and training in both jazz and classical music is evident in her album We Are All Escaping. The album is a hybrid of classical inspired minimalism through an orchestral lens, and beat-driven sections with layered synthesizers, flutes, and vocals. 

Drawing from musical influences such as Bjork, Massive Attack, Andy Stott, and Radiohead, her music is dripping in melancholia; understated, dark, heart-wrenching. 

Monica's approach to composition is one of exploration; she believes that to create music, you need to flow freely, and to not have any preconceived notions as to where the music is going to end up. Her music-making is ephemeral, and leaves the listener in a place of never wanting to "escape" the musical world she draws you into. 

AfterwardsMonica Palmer
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